Body Line Dna Test PERFORMANCE

BODY LINE DNA - PERFORMANCE is a nutri-genetic test that analyzes the metabolic characteristics written in your DNA and allows you to set a personalized nutritional program represented by the suitability food map, because of the proper nutrition is specific to each person. The DNA determines the features of many biochemical reactions happen in our organism. We need every day of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals salts and water, that are fundamental to success of these reactions. If we know the features of our engine, through the study of the DNA, we are able to know which is the suitable food to make it work better and make it more “performance”.
Until a few years ago, the suitable foods were chosen only according to the individual symptoms, laboratory exams and type of physical activity; today thanks to the study and knowledge of the DNA we can integrate these parameters with the genetic data in order to select more or less suitable foods for each of us.

How work the test?

BODY LINE DNA - PERFORMANCE is performed on a sample of your DNA, analyzes 5 variants (polymorphisms) of some genes (APOA2, FTO, PPARG, MTHFR, SOD2) involved in various metabolic processes and defines your genetic profile in order to assess the personal characteristics conditioning your response to diet type:

- Lipids sensitivity: if it is high, it may be greater fat accumulation and the risk of overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome developing.
- Carbohydrates sensitivity: if it is high, it can be higher the risk of fat accumulating and it could be difficult to hold in check glycemia (blood glucose).
- Oxidative stress sensitivity: the high sensitivity means a greater risk of toxins accumulating in the body that cause tissues and organs aging.
- Ability to metabolize folic acid: a reduced ability may be associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease developing.

It is given a data sheet to explain the report with the test’s results that lists:
- Genetic profile with a brief and simple genes description and DNA polymorphisms analyzed;
- Indicators, accompanied by exhaustive tagline to express your lipids, carbohydrates, oxidative stress sensitivity and your ability to metabolize folic acid;
- Composition percentage of the ideal diet to hold in check the body weight.


Suitability Food Map

A single genetic data, however, is not enough to understand how a person should eat,
so it must be to connect with other parameters (age, sex, BMI, abdomen
circumference, clinical symptoms, laboratory tests, drug use, etc .), collected in a anamnestic sheet, at the time of sample taking.
A suitable algorithm connects these parameters with the nutritional characteristics of single foods and realizes a personalized food map, make up of more than 200 foods.
For each of them it is assigned a value and a specific color: green foods (value from 71 to 100) are suitable foods and they must be eaten; yellow foods (value from 50 to 70) are neutral foods and they must be taken as a percentage less than the green ones; brown foods (value from 16 to 35) must be taken as a percentage less than yellow ones; red foods (value from 5 to 15) to avoid or to eat rarely. In Fig.1 It is shown, as an example, part of a map food.

 Fig.1 - Example of food map
 mappa alim

The result of Body Line Performance DNA Test is available within 15 working days from draw sample.
Tecnobios Prentale Eurogenlab srl. offers a counseling service pre and post-test, and our staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

Material analyzed

The DNA is extracted from the buccal mucosa cells taken with cotton swab or cytobrush;
alternatively it is extracted from peripheral blood lymphocytes collected in EDTA tubes.


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