Cardiovascular risk (CVD14 Test)

General and genetics aspects

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the most common cause of morbidity and mortality in
the Western world. These diseases are based on disorders of flow and arteriovenous
pressure. Not all clinical cases are attributable to traditional risk factors such as age, sex,
diabetes mellitus, obesity, high blood cholesterol, hypertension, smoking, lack of physical
activity. In some cases, in fact the only clear risk factor is a family history of premature
cardiovascular disease, due to a genetic predisposition of the individual to the
development of the disease. Therefore in the last few years it has developped a growing interest in the potential genetic markers of cardiovascular risk, in order to develop new preventive and / or therapeutic measures. In particular, several studies show the possible interactions between environmental risk factors and genetic ones. The former include the lifestyle (alcohol, smoking, drugs, physical activity), nutrition and stress; genetic susceptibility may be due to polymorphisms of several genes involved mainly in the process of blood coagulation, in the regulation of blood pressure, in the metabolism of lipids, homocysteine, glucose and iron. Among the various genetic markers studied, in Tecnobios Prenatale Eurogenlab is available a CVD14 (Cardio Vascular Disease 14) test that is a panel of 15 polymorphisms that includes the genes of some coagulation factors (Factor V, Factor II, Factor XIII, PAI 1, GPIIIa, beta-fibrinogen), gene of the regulation of blood pressure (ACE, AGT, ATR-1), and gene of the homocysteine (MTHFR, CBS) and lipid (ApoE) metabolism.

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